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Oct 15, 2015

I thought it would be nice to put all three paintings together. Prints of "One on One" are available for pick-up at the Heal...more

Oct 09, 2015

It's official. Last painting installed. :-( Always mixed feelings. Thanks, Rick Kozin. And thank you to the Polk Count...more

Sep 24, 2015

I was hoping to have installed this painting before now, but having had gallbladder surgery and my doctor telling me that I n...more

Aug 13, 2015

This will be the last general update until the installation. I'm anxious to get things finished up over the next few days....more

Aug 06, 2015

Probably one more post after this one next week....more

Jul 30, 2015

Oops! A problem with jpeg compression... here we go!...more

Jul 30, 2015

Won't be too long now. A couple more days to complete the right side, then on to the left. Should just be a couple of more ...more

Jul 16, 2015

I had to bite the bullet and send this now because I wasn't where I wanted it to be. But here we go! ...more

Jun 25, 2015

This week dropped off wood to Ray Layton (many, many thanks, Ray) for the construction of the frame. ...more

Jun 17, 2015


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Polk County Health

There was (is) a two fold purpose in this project. The first was to address the very common issue of a waiting room. Especially one connected with medical procedures; even for something as simple as an inoculation which for some people can be somewhat stressful. In the Polk County Health Department, the waiting room is large and tall. Small pictures just don't work as well since they are harder to see and seem overly small in comparision.

In my experience, most of the waiting rooms that I've been in have been decorated, but not always in a way that is engagingly entertaining or interesting. A picture might be mildly interesting, but often generic, or, more of a useful decorative and colorful touch. Anyway, waiting presents an opportunity for artistic expression and inspiration. One of the goals of this artistic inspiration is about physical activity. An invitation to anyone and everyone to enjoy life by moving about.

This is a challenging project in that the idea is to invite, inspire, and motivate people to move by using pictures that are by there nature static. So in one very important sense this Art Initiative is intended as positive propaganda.

As the artist, my satisfaction is in the play of the imagery and in the discovery by myself and others of notions and meanings that emerge through observation over time. If I were to define the "art" in the art, it would be in these moments of discovery, some of which are intentional and others which are not. My favorite works of art unfold in this way with an inviting depth and richness. That's my objective, and hopefully that is what people will experience.

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